NEW Old (fat) guy in the B.C. rockies

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NEW Old (fat) guy in the B.C. rockies

Post by Old Ray on Thu Jan 22, 2015 2:21 pm

My big fat (that’s me) boring, rambling, ineffectual, irreverent, Canadian intro post.

I’m not sure if it is necessary, but could I give a little boring personal information?

I have been a car guy since my mother took me off pabulum and I started reading the little hot rod car magazines and then Tom McCall in Mechanics Illustrated. I took a mechanics apprenticeship after high school at a local dealer then had my own shop for 4 years and one day in the winter I had a farmer’s one ton up on the hoist full of frozen cow poop, well it didn’t stay frozen for long, and when this brown cold water started running down my neck I decided that this was a good time to look for other career opportunities.  

There were no auto parts stores in town so I opened one and ran it for 22 years.  I am now retired and for something to do I have a used book store open half days which leaves the other half for car building.

My shop truck project was completed last summer and so I now need a new build project to rationalize having it and a buddy found this 56 Dodge 2 door wagon (suburban) on kijiji late last fall so I traded another car for it. Had to, my car in high school was a 56 Dodge two door hardtop, black and turquoise, that the previous owner had installed a 59 sports fury 318 in. complete with glass packs, sure brings back some nice memories.

I have enjoyed the information that I have read here so far and look forward to getting your assistance when I get into my project, thanks from the Canadian Rocky Mountains.
Old Ray

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Re: NEW Old (fat) guy in the B.C. rockies

Post by Drache on Thu Jan 22, 2015 2:36 pm

Welcome to the site! Always nice to have another BC'er here!


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