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Rock Auto

Post by Y07 on Wed Sep 20, 2017 6:28 pm

This just happened to Me, and a Google search after the fact shows I'm not the only one this has happened to:

You go to Rock Autos website, find your part and WOW!: great prices! You load up your cart and head for the checkout. Shipping is cheap, no problem to Canada, bonus. Pay and wait for the goods.

Then the next day I get an email. It's called the Shell Game. One or more of your parts do not ship from that warehouse, so, it has to come from another. And, on my particular order, more than doubled the shipping cost. They will give limited options (none will work) but you can cancel the order if you like. You know, like any other business that makes a financial commitment they can't live up to.

A few seconds later I Open up another Rock Auto Tab on the computer and re-select the parts. Price has gone up. Twisted Evil I've heard of this happening with Rock on a few of the other sites I go to.

So, on my first order of 2 items the confirmed (and paid for) amount in us dollars was $311. Just for kicks I load the cart again with the exact same stuff and the total comes out to $507

I took screen shots of everything and emailed back and forth with them to try and sort this out, I held up my end of the deal: picked out the right parts, gave 'em the money. Nope, sorry Sir, we can't put the part down to the original cost and we are not going to eat the additional shipping cost because we effed up and told you the part was in stock.

Cancelled the order.

Scam Artists. Their "not at this warehouse" excuse is well-used. I'm just finding this out reading around the 'net.

If the deal seems too good to be true: it probably is.


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Re: Rock Auto

Post by JGL Yesterday at 6:46 pm

You cancelled....GOOD for you! Dishonesty is not a good thing.

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