Hugo's Polara Resto

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Hugo's Polara Resto

Post by Keith Mopar on Thu Oct 15, 2015 7:44 am

I'm posting this for Hugo...

I got my Dodge back 3 weeks ago and despite being away for 10 days got about 150 miles on the clock, every one of 'em a living dream. It's driving near faultlessly, and I'm absolutely thrilled with the paint finish, panel gaps, interior (original door cards, seats) and all the parts I got for it, mostly from Joe Suchy in Georgia (new door handles, mirrors, front fender emblems,windlace etc.) and National MoParts in Beaverton. I'm also delighted with the dog-dish caps from scottys hubcaps ($100). I feel lucky to have found Marek Dzuda, who did all the work on the car from welding to polishing (he WAXED all the trim clips) at Gerald Lyons garage

near Woodford in County Galway. Unfortunately Gerry passed away about 10 days before the Dodge was completed which was a shame as he was instrumental in the restoration, among other things he tracked down the ZZ1 'Anniversary Gold" paint which had been a problem due to American paint codes not corresponding to European ones.

Pic 1 is before resto.

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Re: Hugo's Polara Resto

Post by Grumpy427 on Wed May 10, 2017 8:30 am

That would be a very cool driver with a 440 in it.

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