Gears-front shocks-rear strange axles for sale

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Gears-front shocks-rear strange axles for sale

Post by Mrmopartech on Sun Jun 28, 2015 6:23 pm

For sale is a 8.75 rear end special for gears axle and shocks.
First a set of 35 splinde axle made by strange with green bearings and studs 1/2 inch,these are the bolts in studs and should be replaced.Retail price is 480$US i will let them go for 225+Shipping
A set of 8.75/489 case motive gear 4:30 gears,tried them and to much for a small tire and 600HP motor,100$+shipping
A set of rear QA1 shocks adjustable TS901,these are 300$ a pair,let them go for 150$ (sold)
A set of front competition engineering front shocks C2620 retail for 101$ a pair,let them go for 50$ for the three way shocks.
Please PM me or get my email address form my profile and we can work out shipping.mrmopartech 514 659 0445cell 450 424 0445home

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